Course Descriptions

Am I ready? For the first several classes, the material requires no formal background. As a measure of maturity, we ask that students have some experience with algebra and manipulating equations and functions with variables. (The advanced middle school or early high school level should be enough.) We do not have age restrictions for students.

1. Games. In this class we will play games! At the same time we will learn about the logic of strategies, with a strong emphasis on clear and complete explanations. We will work through a series of take-away games, as well as a variety of related logic puzzles. Our calisthenics will be the grid puzzle Star Battle. We end the class with a tournament of the game SET.

2. Numbers. This class is an exploration of divisibility and number systems. We will examine properties of the greatest common divisor, and how it relates to many areas of mathematics. In addition to the usual arithmetic, we will explore other number systems such as modular arithmetic. Our calisthenics will be performing mental math. We will end the class with an introduction to cryptography.

3. Recursive Thinking. We explore the famous Fibonacci sequence, but we don't stop there! There are many other interesting sequences to explore, as well as other recursive phenomena such as the Calkin-Wilf tree of fractions.

... And more to come!