Pure Math Academy

Pure Math Academy was founded by a small group of mathematicians who share the same love of math. We agree with G. H. Hardy, who said that mathematics has an intrinsic beauty and is an art unto itself. We know math is highly applicable, but this is not our main focus. If you think there is something sublime in puzzles, numbers, logic, geometry and all the rest, you would love to join us.

Class structure. Our classes each run for 5 days, with two separate 1 hour sessions each day. Since math requires reflection and contemplation, we leave time between sessions so you can think about the ideas and problems in the first session before jumping into the second one (and eat a snack). A short exercise may be assigned during this interval. Longer exercises are assigned between class days.

Explorers Notebook and Calisthenics. We require our students to keep a detailed notebook during the class. This is an invaluable tool for the study of mathematics. Many of our classes will have something we call 'calisthenics'. These will be exercises for you to do during the week of class that are in addition to the regular exercises. These calisthenics are designed to exercise a mental muscle that is complimentary to the main topic, and there will be a short quiz on them on the last day of class.

Ages. Math is for people of all ages. We have no age requirements for our classes. Please be prepared to be in a class with people who are many years older or younger than you.

What we are not. If you are in school, we make no promises that our classes will help your grades. If you like to do math contests, we make no promises that our classes will improve your scores. (They might, but that's not our measure of success!) Have fun, stay in school, sign up for contests, but come to Pure Math Academy if you just want to enjoy a little math together.

A Goal? If we must have a goal for our curriculum, it would be to enable students to read and appreciate math books at an advanced undergraduate level.